Sunday, August 31, 2008

Forbes Doane Ranking Causes Controversy

This Lincoln Journal story, Doane does well in new ranking has generated some very controversial comments recently.

I'm not sure how many alumni agree that Doane graduates require extra scrutiny of U of NE grads. Somebody named Adding to the mix commented:
I have hired grads for over 20 years. When it comes to the local universities, I must admit I have a tendency to scrutinize Doane students, whether in Crete or Lincoln, a little closer based on my own experiences of their academic abilities and how they can transfer to the workplace. They historically have been "meets expectations" type employees when it comes to abilities. This doesn't mean their not "nice" people, and so forth. I do expect more obviously, which I generally get from the NWU, UNL, UNO, Union, etc. students. I'm also aware that some of the schools mentioned have higher admission standards and expected scores than does Doane.
This and quite a bit of commentary on the Lincoln grad program surely deserve some rebuttal.

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